Shipping Instructions

If you are sending materials to the hotel, please ship to arrive no earlier than three (3) days prior to event.  To ensure proper processing, please address all materials intended for events following the box label instructions.  Boxes should be numbered “1 of 6”, “2 of 6”, “3 of 6” etc. This way they will know when incomplete shipments are received & can make you aware as soon as possible.

Promotional items for attendee bags:  to be delivered to the hotel no later than July 15 - See below for download

240 Promotional Items

Exhibit items:  delivered to the hotel no later than July 19: See below for download

Setup will be Saturday 7/20 from 10 am – 4:30 pm

Please send me a copy of your routing number(s) and total number of boxes shipped and be sure to indicate if the boxes are for exhibit or promotional.


Electricity is available at your exhibit for $30 per day


Box Labels Promotional (doc)


Box labels Exhibits (doc)


2019 Westin Shipping Form (docx)